Starting From Scratch

by Chill Bump

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Bankal (Beats) + Miscellaneous (Voice)
EP #1 : Starting from Scratch
Enjoy ! Lots more to come...


released February 9, 2012

All songs produced, written and recorded
by Chill Bump at "The Eighth Lab" in Tours
Illustration by Rebecca Fezard
All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Chill Bump Tours, France


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Track Name: Lost In The Sound
…Kid we been around for ages,
we’ve been through different styles and phases
fiddled round with riddles, sounds and phrases.
Been ripping out some pages,
been to distant towns and cities, from ripping crowds on stages
to saving pennies for equipment with our lousy wages.
The way we live is now courageous,
‘Cause who really does it?
Makes music, stays futureless, fuck it ?
We’ve got no food in the stomach
But couldn’t care about the fools at the summit,
we do this for our myspace friends,
the folks that hope that we might change trends.
We Young, annoyed, hungry, unemployed,
We just wanna rock a show and hope that everyone enjoyed.
The mic’s a one inch void away from my lip,
so, drop the beat so I can bust my shit…
I’m a spit it out, bottom to the top,
whether the crowd wanna get up, get out, follow me or not.

Chorus (sample)

Fed up of trying to lead a better life dog.
What a fella gotta do to get a tight job?
beg in order to get a bit of cheddar like bob?
and scheme on whoever’s bit of bread I might rob?
Get it right, I use my little head and fight hard
but hell is always round the corner where the weather’s like fog.
I don’t wanna study, be a clever white slob,
I wanna write songs, life won’t spare the right cards.
Where the mic y’all ? 'cause my pen is solid,
I made many songs with the money in my petty wallet !
I made an album, plenty love it and plenty want it,
but I don’t anyone that’s ready to spend a damn penny on it.
Gulping alchohol, withholding pressure,
homies tell me hold your head up, I can barely hold together.
Holding my hands out for scraps like your local beggar,
I’m broke, I’m fed up and my shitty goals are pretty hopeless fella.
Family likes to make me feel like a failure,
but I believe in what I do so fuck you and what they tell ya.
Lonely with a walkman on, walking around,
talking to myself, feeling lost in the sound.

« life brings me down, in dreams of sound »
Track Name: My Mother Is A Pornstar
I’ve been teased a few times but it’s been reasonable,
See it’s cool, she causes riots when she takes me to school.
People drool when she’s walking past. Before class I always laugh,
as my friends’ divorced dads ask her for an autograph.
On the Streets, cats glance at each other, speak of her.
Some even ask my mother to sign her dvd cover.
Everybody knows her, every fella probably owns a
poster of her if he’s aged twenty one and over.
The globe is heavy on her shoulders, she carries the weight.
Kids get carried away, I couldn’t care what they say.
Cause I don’t want another mother, yeah, none can compare.
She’s stunning, she’s rare, she’s cunning, she’s mum of the year.
She puts men in a frenzy, the pretty woman women envy.
She’s willing and caring with me, she’s witty and friendly, I really...
love her cooking but you don’t know the half.
You don’t know better than to fantacize about her ass…

My Mother’s a Porn Star and so what?
It didn’t change shit growing up.
She knew how to raise her boy the right way,
So fuck whatever you may say…

My mother’s a star, she makes flicks for adults,
but don’t think she don’t love my dad. This isn’t a joke.
We’ve got moral standards, we a normal family,
living happily… So fuck you and your porno fantacy.
She makes sex-tapes and yes, I know they’re X Rated,
but she’s never had to be explicit and explain it to me.
I don’t care if she’s got a wonderful booty !
What are you on? Truly? I’ve neber wanted to watch one of her movies !
My mummy ain’t some friggin’ filthy Hooker,
but if we looked close at yours, I’m sure we’d fill a book up.
Mine puts money on the table, while your mother is unable
to cope, nasal full of coke, no wonder you’re unstable.
Make your silly jokes, huh, keep up the babbling !
At least mine don’t creep around, sleeping with married men.
She may get nude on the cam, but won’t be fooled by a man.
She’ll always do what she can to bring loot to her nuclear fam.

Chorus +scratches

Women judge each other with a look,
men judge a colour and the cover of a book,
and I judge the judge that judges my mother.
Yeah, I’m a mother’s boy...
So reconsider or go fuck yourself.
But don’t take it litteraly you dirty douchebag.
Back the fuck off my fam and let us live our normal life. I’ma get back to mine, I’ve gotta go kid.
My mum is calling me.
I’ve gotta do the washing up.
Tera Patrick was over for dinner,
and I’m out. The cognac is waiting…

Track Name: The Smell Of Beer (Interlude)
Nobody can stop somebody else from drinking
a part from locking them up. And...
There is no magic cure. There is no magic cure.
When I drank, I was extremely promiscuous,
flirtatious... I would also get into fights.
That's not me, I'm not that sort of person.
Sometimes I smell beer or whatever....
and ohhhh, I just love the smell...
Track Name: Water Boycotter
Jesus, why don't you have a fucking drink?
Cause you're driving everybody crazy with this shit...

We get wasted on a regular basis,
party ‘til we’re red in the faces,
D D Dance, revving the basses,
‘cause we hollow, we ain’t ready to face it.
I’m addicted to little things :
Nictone’s in my genes, but I’m mainly a liquor fiend.
Never giving in, never living clean,
never really listening, when I hear my liver SCREAM.
Water is forbidden, it’s forfeiting.
It’s friday night, so release the force within.
Do what you want’cause you’re living,
and what you say will be forgotten or forgiven.
One sip, Two sips, Three sips, Four,
One bottle, Two bottles, we need more.
Liquor stores greet me open-armed,
so I boycott water for something strong.

(Come fill me up)

When a week’s trouble rebuttals, we guzzle
to release a puddle of puke and see double.
Some beef, some snuggle, some people cuddle,
some black out ’til they can’t repiece the puzzle.
Next day I’m in a critical state, chemical waste’s
in my kidneys and my vision’s opaque,
my ligaments shake, shiver and ache,
my liver inflates and my belly won’t give me a break.
I feel like the bottom of the bottle ‘cause I’m hollow
and I gotta swallow plenty ‘cause my body full of sorrow.
Bottoms up ! That’s the motto,
and I tell the bar tender I’ll be back tomorrow.
It ain’t hard to catch or follow,
I spend cash like I cracked the lotto,
fuck my head up ‘til i stagger and waddle home
and I tell myself :
From One glass of water to Two, Three, Four,
You can be sure I won’t drink no more,
My best friend is Evian
until I boycott water again…
From One glass of water to Two, Three, Four,
You can be sure I won’t drink no more,
My best friend is Evian
until I boycott water again… For something strong !

« Come fill me up, drink me down »
(One sip, two sips, three sips, four/
One bottle two bottles, we need more)
Track Name: Snip Snip
Sample :
What if your whole fucking life
has been one big waste of time for everybody...
Including yourself.
I'm all for thinning out the human race.
There are just too many fucking people.
Anthrax, Smallpox... I say bring it on !

Verse 1 :
Jesus, girl, you gotta believe this :
Love is not in the foetus; Dog, knowledge is needed !
Tie a knot in your penis, stop knocking up skeezers,
if not then be more than anonymous geezers.
Don’t leave your baby seeds to grow nameless,
They need a paps, not semen donaters!
And old strangers… The youth, peep the truth :
Why even try reproduce?
To be a useless mum or dad? raise a new bundle of scumbags?
That bitch mad over what their parents have done bad?
Everyone wanna add their own blood.
When plenty abandoned babies get no love.
suckers ain’t wear rubbers, mothers are giving birth,
And we can’t feed half the people on this friggin earth.
It’s a curse, a waste, a fucking disgrace
The pope makes Africa procreate, stuffing his face!
I suffo c’ cate, I’m living in a trap,
In a city where individuals never intertact,
Grin n’ chat, now that’s retarded!
Matter fact we’re all parasites that are stacking garbage.

Chorus :
I’m claustrophobic, the fuck out my face,
Too many humans all over the place!
Visectomy for everybody, snip snip
Castration for everybody, snip snip

Verse 2 :
Think about the air our fumes have polluted,
Think about the trash a human produces.
You could fill a warehouse for every individual
and stick nothing but disgusting shit in a room.
And man goes back, for real kid
So think about the shit the planet has had to deal with!
Space is missing crazy bitches,
so no I’m not happy looking at your new-born-baby pictures!
You have barbies in the back of your big garden,
you fat n’ you get larger while African kids starving.
They lacking meals y’all, that is the real problem.
They actually feel robbed ’cause we happen to steal from’em.
We need more options, less costly kids,
we need more adoptions at the orphanage.
Snip snip! You hear? This ought to be clear.
Help the orphans n’ care for the poor kids already here ! Yeah!


some hypocrite
comes up with the concept :
Save the planet.
And everybody feels concerned
and wanna follow like there’s no tomorrow.
Question :
Are you all retarded?
It’s all about saving ourselves really,
and you know that.
Thde planet will live on
and the roaches will take over.
So, I’ll tell you how we can save the planet...
We all get together and we organize
a Suicide Party !