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Track Name: Raise Up
Eyo, my brains been washed by Microsoft,
Imagination lost, my mind grows soft.
Hypnotised by the screen until my eyes go crossed.
I can’t picture living life with my I-Phone off.
Facebook is my shrink, I confess I’m a fiend,
fiending for numbers to pop up, top left of the screen.
Playing youtube bully, it’s automatic,
I click on a random video and then post that you’re a faggot.
I talk hard as long as it’s anonymous,
drop a lot of nonesense on my friends’ walls, Wall-E was not a myth.
When my homies meet we don’t even chat.
You’ve got your lousy phone out to show me some crap.
I can’t leave the house without it. No doubt about it.
Shouting loud and pounding objects when there’s a power outage.
I play the wi on my couch for hours’til my family act mad.
Now is reality that sad?
Mummy wanna encourage me, Daddy react bad,
Society got me feeling like a rat in a rat lab.
So I hide in my bubble day and night,
feeling too weak and too small to fight.


Far from the generations before…
You never raised a weapon to defend your nation at war.
How many children dream ’bout building tree houses?
They’d rather sit on couches, chill and be slouches.
Now… Communication’s hard isn’t it?
Well maybe your parents should start raising y’all different !
Sick of Steve Jobs praising, y’all listen :
He ain’t accomplished shit besides making your generation autistic !
Switch off the box in the corner,
Stop ignoring the big brother above ya, that wanna watch and record ya.
They call ya couch potato, but you are the future,
Learn to use imagination before you use a computer.
The youth Raise Up; You are larger than life.
They try to keep you occupied, they like blockin’ your sight.
They enslaving your mind, time to wake from your sleep.
The day you’ll see reality you’ll leave their blood spilling in the Streets.